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  • Trnavsky rinek - christmas 2018

  • This year's Christmas Trnavsky rinek took place in the beautiful new premises of Nádvoria. Visitors could buy original handmade products in various historical and new premises of the building, and enjoy the goodies and good music in the courtyard. The weather was also really christmas atmosphere. :)
  • Trnavsky rinek - october 2017

  • We spent great time at favorite event Trnavsky rinek. Weather was perfect, we enjoyed warm autumn sun, tasted delicious food, listened great music and bougt some original handmade products. Let´s see our photoreport. :)
  • veronika and jan

  • Veronika and John had a beautiful wedding at the ranch. The outdoor ceremony was amazing and celebration waw in great big barn. Occasionally heavy clouds hung over us, but everything was perfect and happy. :)
  • Trnavsky rinek - may 2017

  • We enjoyed beautiful May Saturday in Trnava again. You could taste herb drinks, to eat vegan dishes or buy the concrete jewelry. Children could make their own badge. Everyone could dance to a pleasant musician... Trnavský rínek is always 100% satisfaction. :)